icelandic mackerel fishing improved

The Icelandic pelagic fleet have reported improved catches of mackerel during last week. Photo: Síldvarvinnslan\Björn Steinbekk

Fishing for mackerel has improved for the Icelandic pelagic fleet according to fish processor Síldarvinnslann, with boats hauling in steadier catches.

Last week, Síldvarvinnslan had reported that the mackerel were making patchy catches of mackerel in their own jurisdictional waters, but an upswing sing last Wednesday has helped vessels land better hauls.

On Thursday 27 July, it was reported that there was good mackerel fishing east of the country and ships were even getting around and over 400 tonnes in a hole. The Síldarvinnslan and Samherja vessels, which are fishing cooperatively, were fishing 80 to 100 miles east of Norðfjarðarhorn inside the Iceland EEZ.

Margrét EA landed into Neskaupstaðir with 1,150 tonnes on Wednesday night and by then they were finishing processing over 1,500 tonnes from Beitir NK. On Friday morning, Vilhelm Torsteinsson EA arrived at the port with 1,650 tonnes.

According to the report from the fish processor, the ships remaining at sea started to put the catch on board Bardi NK.  The continuous supply makes processing at the plant non-stop, with only short breaks for cleaning.

The fish that the ships bring to land is very large, weighing around 600 grams or more, and it is full of food. The condition of the fish makes it unsuitable for freezing whole; instead the mackerel are either headed/gutted or filleted, says Síldarvinnslan.

Reports say that the mackerel fishing is also picking up in Smugan, where the Greenlandic ships Polar Amaroq and Polar Ammassak are fishing.”

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