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Danish fishing has expressed concerns over the loss of containers from a cargo ship in the Skagerrak during a storm on Friday 22 December. Photo: DFPO

The Danish fishing industry has expressed major concerns following the loss of containers from a Maersk cargo ship in the Skagerrak during a storm on Friday 22 December, but appreciate that the company will take responsibility for the clean-up.

It is believed that most of the 46 containers are still floating around, causing danger to shipping, or have sunk to the bottom, raising concerns over snagging during trawling and other fishing operations. The Danish Fishermen’s Association has calso expressed concerns over pollution coming from the containers.

The Danish Maritime Authority has issued a warning stating:

“46 containers are lost and drifting between pos. 57° 14.2’N – 008° 07.5’E and pos. 57º 47.6’N – 010º 43.9’E”.

“I am concerned about the extent to which the containers will disturb commercial fishing. There can be a significant safety risk for the vessels fishing in the area if the containers are still floating or if a fishing gear becomes stuck in a sunken container. Therefore, it can be both dangerous and an expensive pleasure to go to sea to fish,” says Svend-Erik Andersen, who himself fishes in the Skagerrak and is chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association.

However, the Danish Fisheries Association finds it positive that Mærsk has indicated that they will take responsibility for the clean-up and that they are also ready to discuss compensation for the fishery.

“It is frustrating that our fishing water has been exposed to this massive pollution. The marine environment is already under a lot of pressure. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned up, and it is good that Maersk will take responsibility for that part. Danish fishermen naturally help Mærsk clean up the fishing grounds and take the waste they collect ashore,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

“It is positive if Maersk is ready to take responsibility for dialogue on compensation for fishermen in the event of damage to fishing gear, fishing vessels and lost income. A broken fishing gear can cost the individual fisherman several hundred thousand kroner,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

Denmark’s Fisheries Association will approach Mærsk about how commercial fishing will be compensated for the costs that container pollution imposes on Danish fishing.


 Source: Press Release

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