Fishers who have taken the “tie-up” scheme have had their boats chained-up

Low Impact Fishers of Europe (LIFE) has reported that fishers in Cyprus who have opted for the government’s “tie-up” scheme are having their boats chained in harbour by Fisheries Authorities.

Other boat owners have refused to take the national government offer of €1000 per month as the island nation and Member State of the European Union is under emergency lockdown regulation.

“Across the EU, the work of fishers and other food producers has been classed as essential. Fishers are struggling heroically, putting their lives at risk to bring food to our tables,” writes LIFE.

“Despite this, lockdown and sanitary measures have closed markets at both home and abroad, creating a devastating impact. The EU has stepped in with amendments to the 2014-2020 EMFF allowing unspent monies to be used to support temporary cessation of activities and for storage aid, says LIFE. “Member States are responding to the crisis in different ways, some with comprehensive packages of measures, as in the UK and Italy. Others like Ireland and Cyprus are doing little. In Ireland storage aid will be provided, whilst the authorities search for unused EMFF funds. We hear that in Cyprus the authorities’ response is to provide grants for temporary cessation.”

LIFE members from the Zygi Fishers Association in Cyprus explains how the island is fighting the #COVID19 storm: “The situation in Zygi is devastating for the fishers. In order to comply with the administration’s lockdown measures the local market which sells fish to restaurants was closed down and some fishers had to suspend their activities. There is another fish market where we usually sell fish but it can no longer buy our catch. The national government has offered €1000 per month to vessels prepared to tie up during the lockdown. Some fishers applied for this financial help while others declined. Officials say this is the maximum they can do but we are sure that more could be done although at the moment we do not have any information on whether the government will be able to increase such help. The harbour looks pretty depressing. The boats of the fishers who suspended their work have been chained up by the Fisheries department. However we are optimistic that this is a temporary storm… and fishers know a lot about storms!”

LIFE advocates providing income support to fishers, who as self-employed entrepreneurs often fall outside the social security system and have difficulties accessing unemployment benefits.

Source: LIFE 

LIFE reports fishers are fighting the storm, locked down and chained up

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