Kirkwall RNLI Stricken Creel Boat

The stricken creel boat, Kingfisher at Westray Island: Photo Kirkwall RNLI

The Kirkwall RNLI was called out to rescue two crewmen whose fishing vessel ran aground at Westray Island.

Kirkwall’s volunteer crew launched the all-weather lifeboat shortly before 10.00 on Friday 18 September to the aid of the Kirkwall-registered Kingfisher which was reported to be on rocks with a crew of two onboard.

The lifeboat arrived on scene at 10.50 to find the 11.66m creel boat hard aground on a shelf of rock.

The lifeboat crew was  assisted by two other vessels along with the Westray Coastguard team on the cliff top.

After launching the lifeboat’s Y boat and passing a tow rope, the lifeboat attempted to pull the vessel clear from the rocks only for the tow rope to part twice.
A rocket line was fired from the lifeboat to pass the tow rope for a third time but once again this parted so the decision was made for the crew to abandon the fishing vessel. They were recovered by the Y boat and brought safely onboard Kirkwall lifeboat.
The lifeboat departed the scene and landed the fishing crew at Rapness, Westray before returning to Kirkwall where the lifeboat was washed down, refuelled and was ready for service again by 15.20.
kirkwall rnli creel boat

The Westray Coastguard team at the scene of the stranded creel boat. Photo: Kirkwall RNLI

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Kirkwall RNLI Rescue Two Crewmen from Stricken Creel Boat at Westray

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