Sea Source-Anifpo has asked fishermen and other workers in Kilkeel Harbour to observe social distancing protocol

Sea Source-Anifpo has asked fishermen and other harbour workers in Kilkeel to adhere to the social-distancing protocol as they return to work tomorrow.

On Friday, the UK government announced that stricter controls are being brought into force as of tomorrow (Monday) in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

As of tonight, there are 128 established cases in Northern Ireland with two confirmed deaths from the virus having been reported so far. Numbers are expected to rise again over the days and weeks but it is hoped that these new protocols will help soften the demands on the health service.

In a message released on Facebook this evening Anofpo said “Measures are already in place around our fishery harbours to encourage social distancing. As people return to work tomorrow additional measures are being put in place and being promoted on board fishing vessels, at the fish auctions, in fish/shellfish factories, at our seafood shop and with supporting sectors. Where they can all office staff are working from home.

“If steps can be taken on fishing vessels to deliver social distancing why can people on shore not do more.

“This graphic explains why you should.

“Please follow Government and NHS advice.” 


Kilkeel Fishermen asked to adhere to Social Distancing Protocol

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