ginneton trawler Karstensens Shipyard

The new trawler ‘Ginneton’ being built by Karstensens Shipyard for Gifico Shipping Company

Gifico shipping company and Karstensens Shipyard have signed a contract for the design and construction of a 63.80m trawler.

Gifico is owned by the Claeson family from Fiskebäck in Sweden. The company was established in 1977, when Karl Gustav Claeson took over the in-laws Ahlström’s former ship, “Ganthi IV”. This ship was renamed “Ginneton” in 1980, and its name has followed the Claeson family ever since. The new vessel will thus become the Claeson family’s third new building with this name. The new building will replace the current “Ginneton”, delivered from Karstensen Shipyard in 2006.

ginneton trawler Karstensens Shipyard

In addition to “Ginneton”, Gifico also owns “Ceton” and “Vera C”. These two vessels were also built at Karstensen Shipyard in 2006 and 2017 respectively.

Today, the shipping company is owned/managed by 99-year-old Karl Gustav’s 2 sons, Kurt and Thor – as well as their respective sons Philip, Jonathan, Jacob and Johannes, as well as Thor’s son-in-law Alexander. All are active in the operation as fishermen/skippers.

The company operates with combined trawling, partly pelagic for herring and mackerel and partly for industrial fish. The new vessel shall operate in accordance with the same principles.

The company welcomes the goal of this agreement with Karstensens Shipyard, and is looking forward to getting started with the construction – which will be the Company’s first newbuilding project in over 20 years.

Ever since the purchase of “Ganthi IV” almost 45 years ago, shipping company and Shipyard have worked closely together, with various conversion and repair tasks. However, this will be the first time that Rederi and værft have worked together on a newbuilding project, since the aforementioned Karstensens newbuildings in the company’s current fleet have been purchased as second-hand.

It is therefore a long-awaited dream of a newbuilding cooperation that is now coming true for Shipping and Shipyard.

Karstensen Shipyard welcomes the trust the Claeson family has placed in this order. Returning customers are invaluable advertising.


Like the other ships that the Shipyard has under construction for shipowners in Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands and Denmark, new “Ginneton” is also of its own design.

With new “Ginneton”, Karstensens Shipyard has a total of 15 fishing vessels in the order book for delivery over the next 3 years.

The company has been concerned with innovative solutions and special attention has been paid to optimizing working conditions, safety and comfort for the crew. Many experiences from the Company’s current ship and the Yard’s portfolio have been discussed and assessed during the design process.

The green profile is largely taken care of in the form of practical and effective solutions. There is a great focus on the hull design, and optimization in relation to “Ginneton”s operating profile, this with the lowest possible fuel consumption and thus emissions in mind. The hull is thus a further development and further optimization of the yard’s successful 63m design/construction series, where current “Ginneton” was curiously the first when it was delivered in 2006 as a new building called Cattleya.

As a direct energy optimization, the vessel is equipped with heat recovery from all engines, LED lighting everywhere and a number of other measures to ensure possible energy consumption.

A number of suppliers are currently selected, all based on criteria such as energy optimization, innovation, quality and operational safety.

The propulsion system will consist of a Wartsila main engine with large propellers, adapted to the ship’s exact operating profile.

The winch plant is to be supplied by Karmøy Winch

New “Ginneton” is due in August 2023.

ginneton trawler Karstensens Shipyard

Main dimensions of the vessel:

Overall length 63.80m

Width moulded 13.50m

Depth shelter deck 7.80m

Other technical data:

Main engine Wartsila 8L32 E2

Gears and propellers Wartsila

Winch plant Karmøy Winch

Side propellers Brunvoll, 2 x 700 kW

RSW Plant 2 x 850 kW

ginneton gifico karstensens shipyard

Karstensens Shipyard signs contract to deliver new trawler GINNETON

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