FV August HM 95 Jobi Shipyard

The new FV August HM 95 from Jobi Shipyard, Strandby Denmark

JOBI Shipyard in Strandby, Denmark has recently seen the launch of a new fishing vessel completed for brothers, René and Morten Olsen.

The August HM 95 is a 16.95 metre steel trawler/seine netter which will be based out of Hanstholm on the north west coast.

JOBI Værf is located on the northern tip of Denmark and is around a 45-minute drive from the harbour at Skagen.

The yard itself currently employs around 50 professionally trained employees, who over the years have built up a broad expertise in all types of materials such as wood, metal as well as glass and carbon fibre as well as hydraulics.

The August is new build 118 for the shipyard and is a very fine example of what they can produce.

The dimensions of the August are 16.95 metres LOA, Width 6.5 metre, carries a draught of 3.4 metres and weighs in at 113 GT.

FV August HM 95 Jobi Shipyard

The new FV August HM 95 from Jobi Shipyard is 16.95 metre LOA

JOBI VærfThe main engine is a Scania DI16 221kW coupled to a Hundested CPG38 reduction gearbox. The auxiliary engine is a SISU GAS 3-07 48kW

The bow thruster is also supplied by Hundested Propeller and is a FT2V model.

Steering system is a Scansteering MT1000 supplied by AS Scan.

The August has a capacity for approx. 11800 litres of fuel oil and approx. 3100 litres of fresh water. The boat can also process water of approx. 3500 litres.

The vessel was designed by ShipCon and JOBI Værf. The main engine and generator was supplied by Nordhavn A/S

The hydraulic winches is Kynde and Toft with the hydraulic installation done by JOBI Værf.

Electrics and electronics package was handled by HE Marine of Hanstholm.

FV August HM 95 Jobi Shipyard

The engine room on the new FV August HM 95 from Jobi Shipyard

The ventilation came from Servex and JOBI Værf and the accommodation is from Norisol.

Aluminium wheelhouse and accommodation were installed by JOBI Værf and JOBI Værf also supplied the catch management system.

Pipes and machine installation was completed by JOBI Værf and the fishing vessel was painted by Topcoat of Skagen.

René Olsen was very happy with his new boat. Speaking to the Danish Fishing Journal, Fiskeritidende he said:

“Building new has been a dream for many years. I think it is what all fishermen dream of. One of the most important things has been that we have been able to decide for ourselves how it should be finished. We have been aiming to get some good working conditions on board. As well as some good conditions for the crew with good accommodation. It is a small boat, but then it is also even more important that the conditions are in order.”

Congraulations and good fishing to the Olsen brothers on their new boat from The Fishing Daily.

FV August HM 95 Jobi Shipyard

The forward console in the wheelhouse of  FV August HM 95

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Photos courtsey of JOBI Værf

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august wheelhouse
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