Javier Garat who has been re-elected IFCA President

Javier Garat who has been re-elected ICFA President

Javier Garat faces his eighth term at the Head of The International Coalition of Fishing associations after being re-elected President

Spanish fisheries representative, Javier Garat has been re-elected, for the eighth consecutive year, President of the International Coalition of Fisheries Associations (ICFA), a global organisation that defends the interests of fishing entrepreneurs in international forums .

Garat, who will hold the position for a year, has been elected by a group of the 24 members of this coalition and representing fishing associations from an equal number of countries.

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The re-election of the Spaniard Garat, secretary general of the Spanish Fisheries Confederation (Cepesca) and president of the European employers’ association, Europêche, took place during the meeting held by ICFA yesterday in Rome in which the main challenges of the fisheries sector on a global scale.

Thus, during the meeting of the international cooperation, discussions were held and common positions were adopted on the most important international challenges for the fisheries sector during 2023 and will be addressed in the next global for a. The meeting addressed, among others, the UN Climate Conference (UNFCCC COP27) and the nineteenth Convention on International Trade in Species Threats to Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which are being held both in November. CITES will discuss Panama’s proposal to include different shark species, including the blue shark, in Appendix II of this convention.

Likewise, the next Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity to be held in December of this year has been addressed and the International Congress on Marine Protected Areas (IMPACS), to be held in Canada in February 2023, was highlighted. In the latter regard, ICFA members discussed the management of the different Regional Fisheries Organizations (RFOs) in the face of increasing pressure from different environmental groups to extend Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to 30% of waters by 2030 and the importance of taking into account OECMs (other effective conservation measures).

On the other hand, they have analysed the positive results of the United Nations bottom fishing workshop, held last August in New York, where it was possible to verify the progress made in the protection of vulnerable marine ecosystems in the world, especially thanks to the important work of the RFOs.

Javier Garat IFCA President

The members of the ICFA meeting in Rome today

ICFA also analysed the evolution and expectations regarding the adoption of a binding legal instrument within the framework of the United Nations on Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ) which, according to the global employers’ association,

could have an impact on the this is the case of fishing activities on the high seas, if due account is not taken of the work carried out within the RFOs.

The global fisheries authority has also discussed the effects of plastic pollution on the oceans and discussed the key points of the Conference on Microplastics and Impact on Human Consumption. Finally, ICFA has also addressed the various initiatives developed in different regions to combat the effects of global warming and on the use of blockchain technology applied to the traceability of fishery products.

According to Javier Garat, “it is a pride to have the support of the member countries of ICFA to continue leading the world fishing activity and more in the times that we are living. Fishing, garat continues, is essential to maintain the food balance of the world population and also with very high-quality proteins and fundamental in any diet. For this reason, Garat concludes, it is really gratifying to see how in any part of the world fishermen strive to continue developing this work respecting and enriching the proposals to safeguard marine biodiversity against the permanent persecution of environmentalists and some governments to end our activity, yes, without offering any alternative. “

Finally, all day today they will hold a meeting with senior FAO representatives to review the main international current issues.

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Javier Garat re-elected President of ICFA for Eighth Term

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