ISWFPO Chief says he has new evidence on the SFPA that must be shown to the EU Commission

ISWFPO Chief says he has new evidence on the SFPA that must be shown to the EU Commission

The Virtual Townhall being held by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine was rocked tonight when Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation announced that he has been handed information that could rattle the Sea-Fisheries Protection Agency, right to the top. 

Mr Murphy told those attending the meeting with Minister Charlie McConalogue that a source from the SFPA had handed him a document that should be shown to the EU Commission as new evidence against the Authority.

Mr Murphy has requested that the Irish fishing representatives have a meeting in private with the Minister before he discloses the contents of the document. 

Minister McConalogue has taken heavy criticism for defending the SFPA and the SFPA has come under fire every night of the townhalls for being incompetent, that three reports have already confirmed but consecutive Governments have ignored. 

Last night Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Organisation Chief, Brendan Byrne lambasted the SFPA and its Chairperson Dr Susan Steele. 

Sean O’Donoghue ripped into the Minister calling for him to take control of the situation and to take take cotrol of the SFPA, who he called out as not being fit for purpose. 

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Tonight, he told the Minister, there is no draft control plan, there is no structure and asked the Minister how he could have faith in a Chair that does not have any idea of the history of the Irish fishing industry when she said that Irish boats will have to return to the system, they used pre the control plan on 01 June. 

Mr Byrne warned the Minister that if he doesn’t deal with the situation, the axe will not fall on the Chair of the SFPA, or on the SFPA itself but will fall on the Minister’s head. 

The Minister reacted by again defending the role of the SFPA saying that they had a challenging role.

by Oliver McBride 

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ISWFPO Chief says new evidence against SFPA must be shown to EU Commission

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