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Greenland based pelagic vessel Polar Amaroq which will survey for capelin in northern Icelandic waters

Icelandic pelagic boat owners will closely monitor results from the expedition of the Greenland based pelagic vessel Polar Amaroq which finished this week concentrating on an area to the north of the country. 

Shoals of capelin seems to be in an area along the edge of the continental shelf from the Westfjords and east of Melrakkaslétta.

Birkir Bárðarson, a fish scientist at the Marine Research Institute, told Morgunblaðið that it is not clear how much is on the voyage, but the institute will receive data from the ship in the next few days.

Asked whether Hafró (the Icelandic Institute of Research) will send vessels for measurements in the near future, Birkir says that Hafró’s vessels will not start their survey until January, but the Association of Fisheries Companies has expressed interest in sending fishing vessels out again in November-December. If possible, Hafró is ready to assist in the planning and processing of data and samples. At the beginning of January, the traditional Icelandic capelin expedition takes place.

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Speaking to the Síldvarinnslan hf website, Captain Geir Zoëga of the Polar Amaroq, when a sample was being taken northeast of Kolbeinsey said, “This expedition has been carried out in close consultation with the Marine Research Institute, but there is no representative from the institute on board. 

“We take samples and examine them and also freeze samples for the agency. The MRI receives all the data of the expedition so that everything is done as if it were a traditional winter survey. 

“We started the search northwest of Straumnes but then we have made certain paths east along the edge. There was every reason to look now as there has been a lot of capelin news from trawlers fishing in the area. We immediately found capelin. It was a bit mixed at first but soon it was just a big mature capelin. In other words, there has been capelin on the 180 nautical-mile belt that we have now crossed and in between there has been good fish. 

“The capelin comes from the north and seems to be gaining ground in significant quantities. This should not come as a surprise and is in line with the autumn survey 2019.

“I have been optimistic about the capelin season this winter and now I have good reasons for my optimism. It just looks awfully good.”

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Icelandic pelagic boats look to Polar Amaroq Capelin Expedition

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