Icelandic mackerel quotas has increased by blue whiting and herring quotas remain the same as 2019

The Icelandic Government has increased the country’s mackerel quota by 7.8% or 12,000 tonnes for 2020 but blue whiting and herring quotas remain the same.

This will bring Iceland’s total mackerel quota to 152,141 tonnes for this year with 91,243 tonnes in Norwegian-Icelandic herring and 245,101 tonnes in blue whiting allocated to be caught.

Kristján Þór Júlíusson, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, has signed a regulation on the fishing of Icelandic vessels in mackerel in 2020.

Ever since the agreement between the Faeroe Islands, Norway and the European Union entered into force in 2014, Iceland has based its decisions on 16.5% and their decisions on total catches, with the exception of last year when Iceland’s decision was based on 16.5% of the combined declared quotas of all parties.

At the last annual meeting of NEAFC (The North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission), a proposal was approved to target a total catch of 2020 at 922,064 tonnes, regardless of disagreement on division. As Iceland is not a member of a mackerel agreement, 16.5% of 922,064 tonnes is calculated as 152,141 tonnes.

Norwegian-Icelandic herring and blue whiting

As an effort by Icelanders to engage in talks between the coastal states in the three disputes, at the turn of the year regulations were issued in Norwegian-Icelandic herring and blue whiting in accordance with the last agreed negotiating standard. Given that these efforts have not been signed by the Parties, the Minister has revised these decisions and has decided to use the same percentage of approved NEAFC total catch as last year which was 17.36% for Norwegian-Icelandic herring and 21.1% in the case. blue whiting. However, Iceland does not follow the example of other coastal states that have increased their share since last year. The total catch of 2020 has therefore been determined 91,243 tonnes in Norwegian-Icelandic herring and 245,101 tonnes in blue whiting.

Source: Icelandic Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture

Icelandic Government Increases 2020 Mackerel Quota by 12,000 tonnes

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