The Minister for Fisheries has passed new legislation that will benefit Icelandic fishing vessels in 2021

Icelandic fishing vessels will benefit from a new directive introduced by the Mini­ster of Fis­heries and Agricult­ure by Kristján Þór Júlí­us­son.

The Fisheries Minister has signed a regulation which temporarily increases the allowance for catches of demersal species into the next fishing year from 15% to 25%. This is done to promote greater flexibility in fishing and processing in response to the impact of COVID-19 on the Icelandic fishing industry.


According to data from the Directorate of Fisheries, the proportion of landed bottom catches was 65% on 15 May. but was just under 70% at the same time last year. 

A sharp decline in demand for fresh fish in the world following COVID-19 is the main reason for this decline, but demand for frozen products has also diminished in recent weeks. 

In these circumstances, it was considered appropriate to provide opportunities for further flexibility in fishing and processing by increasing the authorization to move from 15% to 25%.

Source; Government of Iceland.

Icelandic fishing vessels benefit from 2021 increase in allowance 

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