The Icelandic Coast Guard has deployed a submarine as the search for a missing fisherman Ekasit Thasphong, a 42 year old man

The Icelandic Coast Guard has deployed submarine as the search for missing fisherman Ekasit Thasphong

The Icelandic Coast Guard has deployed underwater cameras as the search for a missing fisherman Ekasit Thasphong, a 42 year old married father of three.

The Coast Guard confirmed that they were continuing the search today in the vicinity of where the fisherman is deemed to have fallen overboard on Saturday 03 December from the longliner Sighvatur GK-57.

The accident happened onboard the 43.5-metre fishing vessel 25 nautical miles from the Gardur Peninsula off the southeast of Iceland.

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Commenting on today’s search, the Icelandic Coast Guard said:
“The crew of the guard ship Thor continued their search today for the fisherman that fell offshore on Saturday off Garðskagi.
“A submarine from Teledyne Gavia was being searched for, which was launched at around 13:30 from the guard ship’s light boat.
icealndic search fisherman camera
“The submarine is still being searching as of this being written. It is expected that the search will be done until the evening and after that the vehicle’s data needs to be processed.
“The submarine is equipped with a special side audio monitor as well as cameras that can be used for observing the sea floor.
“The Coast Guard helicopter was also used for aerial search today.
“In the following pictures you can see when the submarine was transferred to the light boat of the guard ship and after that it was launched for search.”
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Icelandic Coast Guard deploys submarine in search for missing fisherman

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