Icelandic blue whiting

Boats in the Icelandic Blue Whiting fishery are reporting large fish in their catches

Icelandic boats in the blue whiting fishery have reported large fish that have not been seen for many years, according to the Síldarvinnslan website.

Bjarni Ólafsson AK came to Neskaupstadur last Wednesday night with 1,835 tonnes of blue whiting. This is the third blue whiting cargo that the ship has landed in a short time. 

The website talked to Captain Runólf Runólfsson about the blue whiting fishery. 

“This fishing trip went extremely well and we got the catch about 60 miles straight out of Norðfjörður. It is a short trip and it is as comfortable as it can be. The catch was obtained in five hauls. The largest hole was 560 tons and the smallest about 200 tons. We just worked during the day. 

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“We cast at half past six in the morning and tow for ten and a half hours. It is allowed to drift overnight because then the fish goes up to the surface and spreads. 

“This is a big and beautiful blue whiting, the fish is actually incredibly beautiful. 

“The number of vessels on the fishing grounds is now increasing. Víkingur and Venus are starting to fish for blue whiting and Börkur and Beitir have started fishing for blue whiting between fishing for herring. It is extremely gratifying to be able to catch blue whiting in Icelandic jurisdiction, but the last time we were able to do so to some extent was in the summer of 2018, if I remember correctly. We will finish landing tonight and then we will immediately go out again for continued fishing,” says Runólfur.

Börkur NK arrived on Wednesday in Neskaupstaður with 630 tons of herring and 250 tons of blue whiting. He started landing as soon as he finished landing more than 1,000 tons of herring from Beitir NK. Hjörvar Hjálmarsson, captain of Berkir, said that they had taken one blue whiting haul with the herring trawl and that it had just gone well. 

“This is a particularly large and handsome blue whiting that is available there. We have not seen such a large blue whiting for many years. We will finish landing tonight and then we will definitely start fishing for blue whiting again immediately,” says Hjörvar.

Beitir NK went straight back to fishing after landing. It is expected that he will fish for blue whiting until Sunday but then turn to the herring and come in for landing on Monday.

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Icelandic boats make hit on largest blue whiting seen in years

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