Icelandic trawler ‘Venus’ is now in Reykjavík undergoing it’s annual overhaul atter the blue whiting season has been closed out

The blue whiting season for the Icelandic Fishing Industry is over for most of the pelagic fleet that have fishing south of the Faroes.

Iceland allocated a total of 246,900 tonnes in blue whiting to the fleet for 2020 which was less than the 268,351 allocated in 2019. At this stage of the 2020 season 172,751 tonnes of blue whiting has been landed by the fleet.

Blue Whiting in the Faroese jurisdiction has been hit-n-miss in recent weeks Síldarvarrslan hf reported from last week.

Some days the catches are poor and other days, blue whiting catches are moderate. Börkur NK received 260 tonnes in one haul and Bjarni Ólafsson AK received 300 tonnes during the same fishing period.

Beitir NK landed 2,300 tonnes of blue whiting in Neskaupstaður last weekend and is currently preparing the ship for it’s annual service in Akureyri. There, Beitir will be serviced and painted, along with engine maintenance. Beitir is expected to stay in Akureyri for about a month, but the ship will then return to fish for mackerel.

Brim hf has withdrawn their vessel, the ‘Venus’ NS 150 from the blue whiting fisheries in the Faroes area after fishing diminished to the point where it was no longer viable for the vessel to operate.

After landing blue whiting in Vopnarfjörður, the Venus steamed to Reykjavík where the work will be carried out.

According to skipper Bergur Einarsson, the blue whiting fishery is slow and the season in the Faroese EEZ is coming to an end.

This last trip we were mostly north-east of the Faroes. There were a few boats fishing to the south of us but they weren’t doing any better. 200 tonnes of blue whiting in 24 hours counts as decent fishing, but generally it has been less than that. We were twelve days fishing for around 2200 tonnes,” Bergur Einarsson said, adding that the season in Faroese waters is over.

“Venus is now undergoing an engine overhaul over the coming days.

Then we’ll be ready for the mackerel season,” Bergur Einarsson said.

Icelandic Blue Whiting Season over as boats go for annual overhaul

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