The Börkur NK is one of the three Síldarvinslann hf boats from Iceland fishing blue whiting this season. Photo: Hákon Ernuson

ldarvinslann hf in Iceland has reported that the blue whiting season for their fleet is stagnating as hauls are getting smaller as the month of May comes to a close.

Their fleet is currently operating in the waters east of the Faroe Islands near the centerline between the Islands themselves and the Shetland Islands.

“The vessels tend to report 100-200 tonnes per day and this has reduced fishing in recent times,” records the fish companies website.

The ldarvinslann vessels Beitir NK, Börkur NK and Bjarni Ólafsson AK, are operating in the same area close to each other.

Even with the small catches boats are only achieving one tow and haul in twenty-four hours says ldarvinslann “Under these circumstances, it is a long trawl for about 20 hours. Then it takes 2-3 hours to hoist, pump and reset again so it is usually only one tow  per day.”

In recent years, fishing for blue whitefish has slowed down in May, just as it is now. The fish processing vessels are about to land about 30,000 tonnes, but about the same time last year they were about to catch 20,000 tonnes. 

The main reason for less fishing this year than last year is unfavorable weather on the west coast of Ireland in February and March last year.

Source: Síldarvinslann hf

Iceland Blue Whiting Season at Faroes coming to an end – Síldarvinslann

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