norwegian search resume Police have confirmed that the search for the missing Reidar Nilsen has now ended. Photo: No. 330 Squadron RNoAF

A hiker in the Gamvik region has found a body close to the scene where missing fisherman, Reidar Nilsen’s fishing boat Peik was grounded. Photo: No. 330 Squadron RNoAF

Police in Finnmark, Norway have confirmed that a body has been found in the vicinity of  where missing fisherman, Reidar Nilsen’s fishing vessel ‘Reik’ grounded.

Mr Nilsen (74), a former leader of the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association has been missing since 09 January when his fishing vessel, the ‘Peik’ was found aground on rocks at Sletnes. Mr Nilsen was accompanied onboard by his son Remi Andre Nilsen (43).

The father and son team had left the harbour at Hasvik in the morning to go hauling pots for king crab. Initially, no bodies were found at the scene of the grounded vessel, but two survival suits were found onboard the wreck. The body of Remi Andre Nilsen was later recovered close to the scene of the grounding that same day but his father has remained missing.

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On Thursday 14 April, a hiker found a dead person on the shore southeast of Gamvik, not far from the place where Reidar Nilsen’s vessel came ashore in January.

“The person showed signs of being dead for a while and was wearing clothes,” Finnmark Police District operations manager Tarjei Leinan-Mathisen told local news outlet iFinnmark.

The police were notified of the find at 6.30 pm. According to the newspaper, the place where the body was found is not far from the site where Reidar Nilsen (74) and his son Remi Andre Nilsen (43) were lost when their fishing boat ‘Peik’ grounded on 9 January 2022.

The police in Finnmark state that no other persons in the area have been reported missing. Nilsen’s family has been notified of the discovery along with mayor Eva D. Husby in Hasvik municipality.

Operations Manager Tarjei Leinan-Mathisen says that the police will await the autopsy before they can confirm the identity of the deceased.

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Hiker finds body in the vicinity of where Reidar Nilsen’s boat Peik grounded

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