european eel SEG announce that they have appointed GreenPartner as a Conformity Assessment Body in the trade of European eel

SEG announce that they have appointed GreenPartner as a Conformity Assessment Body in the trade of European eel

The Sustainable Eel Group (SEG) announced that she has appointed GreenPartner as a Conformity Assessment Body to provide third party, independent certification services to companies involved in the trade of European eel.

GreenPartner will arrange assessments by accredited assessors, make decisions on certification and issue certificates to companies that wish to be certified under the SEG sustainability standard, to show that they are operating responsibly.

Andrew Kerr, chair of SEG happily welcomes GreenPartner as the CAB for the SEG “We have appointed GreenPartner due to its excellent track record in acting as a CAB and providing certification services in the hotel- and food sector, and for its diligent and high-quality role as an independent assessor for SEG over the past 18 months. The appointment of the CAB is an important step for us. SEG is an ISEAL Community Member. ISEAL is a global membership organisation which supports ambitious sustainability systems and their partners to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. ISEAL Community Members strive to continually improve their systems to create greater sustainability impact through participation in ISEAL’s learning, collaboration, and innovation activities.”

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Andres Fellenberg, managing director of GreenPartner is confident about the added value his company can deliver for SEG: “As an experienced assessor and advisory in the field of sustainability standards, GreenPartner is very well positioned to provide certification services for SEG and operators of the SEG Standard. We are confident that we can facilitate the fast-growing need for SEG-certification amongst eel traders, aquaculture companies and processors.”

More than 75% of eel sector in Northern Europe is committed to process only SEG certified eels per 2023. With the embracement of the SEG Standard, the eel sector is taking a big step towards sustainability in eel supply within the European Union. GreenPartner will start her activities for SEG per 1 March 2022 towards both new and existing SEG Standard certificate-holders.

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GreenPartner appointed as Conformity Assessment Body for SEG

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