Eminent UK salmon retailers step forward to highlight consequences of inaction on North East Atlantic blue whiting management warns NAPA The Norwegian pelagic fleet are close to finishing out blue whiting season at the end of week 13 of 2023 with 293,000 tonnes of 378,766 tonnes fished Icelandic blue whiting bad weather

Icelandic boats fishing blue whiting are experiencing good fishing southeast of the country but bad weather this week has disrupted activity

On Sunday 09 October, Bardi NK arrived at the Síldarvinnslan processing plant in Neskaupstaður with 2140 tonnes of blue whiting, marking the second blue whiting trip for the ship in the area known as the Rósagarðurnn.

On Tuesday morning, 10 October, Vilhelm Þorsteinsson EA and Börkur NK also arrived in the harbour due to the weather.

Vilhelm Þorsteinsson had 900 tonnes of blue whiting, and Börkur had 2500 tonnes. Work was completed on processing 1665 tonnes of herring from Beitir NK yesterday morning, and now it will be prepared for blue whiting fishing as well.

The Síldarvinnslan website interviewed Hjörvar Hjálmarsson, the captain of Börkur, and asked him how the blue whiting fishing is going.

“It can’t be said otherwise than that the fishing is going well, and of course, it’s important that it is taking place within Icelandic territorial waters.

“The 2500 tonnes we brought in were caught in seven hauls. The largest haul was around 500 tonnes, and generally, it took from eight to twelve hours. We were fishing for only four days, so the catch is good. We were mostly in the same area of the Rósagarðurnn (Rose Garden – an area off southeast Iceland) inside the Icelandic jurisdiction.

“On similar tracks, there were about six or seven other Icelandic ships and two Faroese. They came to port due to the weather, and there won’t be suitable weather for fishing until Friday. We will be ready to fish again immediately, and the weather is calming down, so everything looks good. People just need to be brave and optimistic,” says Hjörvar.


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