Brim Icelandic Saithe

Brim hf’s factory trawler Vigri has reported good saithe fishing off the Icelandic Westfjords

Brim  hf’s factory trawler Vigri is fishing off the Westfjords after landing in Reykjavík over Sunday and Monday this week. 

According to skipper Eythór Atli Scott, the last trip was a green weight of 1,070 tonnes, equivalent to a capacity trip, considering the volume of redfish and cod heads that were also landed.

“Vigri had been fishing in Russian waters in June and July, and catches were very good. I took over when the ship came home and sailed on 19th July for the first trip on home grounds after fishing in the Barents Sea. We started on the Mountains and then other areas, looking for saithe. There was plenty of saithe all over, and so much golden redfish that we had to shift off those grounds,” he said.

From the Mountains, Vigri moved to the Látragrunn area, where they took their haddock allocation.

“Then we moved on to the bank at the northern end of the Hali grounds. There was good fishing there for saithe and we had some cod with it. Then the weather worsened on the Hali grounds and we moved eastwards to the Reykjafjörður Gully and then to the Strandagrunn. We did well there on cod and when the weather improved, we switched back to the Hali area, where the saithe didn’t let us down and we were getting saithe all the way to the Thverálshorn area,” he said, adding that this was followed by another storm on the Hali grounds.

“The trip finished where it started, back on the Mountains, plus a call in the Skerja Deeps. We did well on saithe there as well and sailed for home with a full fishroom,” Eythór Atli Scott said.

Source: Brim hf

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