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The French fishing industry is hopeful that their government will deliver and on a plan to restore stability through temporary solutions

The French fishing industry is hopeful that their government will deliver and on a plan to further aid the sector through the current fuel cost crisis.

This week, the French fishermen’s association, CNPMEM participated in a public meeting held in Le Guilvinec, presided over by Minister Hervé Berville and attended by numerous local and national officials, as well as boatowners and seafarers. The aim of the meeting was for the government announce a solution to fuel costs for all mainland and overseas fleets, which will be effective until 04 December, and even until the end of the year.

The CNPMEM states that it places trust in the State’s determination regarding the key points that still need to be addressed:

  1. Advocating for the Commission to accept the renewal of the current derogation in 2024 and raise the aid ceilings.
  2. Encouraging all distributors to implement the 13 cent reduction at the pump decided by Total for 01 January.
  3. Finding a viable solution to address the challenges faced by “related companies,” either by increasing the de minimis aid ceilings, assessing the de minimis “per vessel,” or using the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFAF).

Following the meeting, Olivier Le Nezet, President of the CNPMEM, said:

“The essential thing is that the boatowners and crews find a stable financial framework for the coming months and for the year 2024. This stability must allow the retention of related companies and the preservation of auctions at the national level, as well as reinforcing solidarity mechanisms within the industry by calling on private financing. The CNPMEM emphasizes the need for stability throughout 2024 to work on fundamental solutions for the industry.”

Nevertheless, these commitments will need to be realized, Olivier Le Nezet concluded: “In the short term, we are no longer in a deadlock, but we will remain vigilant regarding the State’s commitment to fulfilling these obligations.”


Focus on the technical points discussed during the public meeting:

  1. A firm announcement that the 20 cent fuel subsidy is extended until 04 December for all mainland and overseas boatowners.

– This means that the so-called “Ukraine” scheme will be maintained, and all invoices must be submitted by 12 December without exception.

  1. A firm announcement by the state to strengthen negotiations with the Commission to renew and extend the Ukraine scheme in 2024.

– Invoices from 04 December 4 to 31 December will be taken into account if the Ukraine scheme is extended.

  1. A firm announcement by the state of a 13 cent pump subsidy on 01 January 2023, implemented by Total, and negotiations for other mainland and overseas suppliers to align with this discount.
  2. Related companies (boatowners operating multiple vessels): a commitment to urgently work on solutions that leverage collective industry solidarity, including territorial communities through EMFAF Article 26-2, increasing the de minimis ceiling, or a de minimis per vessel.


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