norwegian crewmen escape capsize

The capsized Havstein from which the four Norwegian crewmen had a lucky escape. Photo: Redningsselskapet

Four crewmen on board a Norwegian fishing vessel had a lucky escape as their boat capsized around 09.00 on Friday morning last.

The boat capsized near land in the narrow Syltefjord in Vanylven municipality. 

The accident happened when the boat was pumping onboard a catch of mackerel in an almost silent fjord. 

The vessel which sunk is reported to have been the Havstein, a 12.99 x 5.4 metre boat which was the first new build from the new shipyard Barents Solution in Fiskå in Vanylven. It was handed over last summer. Yard owner Harald Bigset designed the boat through his design company Point Offshore.

The Norwegian Maritime Directorate will investigate the reason for the capsize.

“When the boat is made available, we will take the trip on board and see if we can find the reason for capsizing. Of course, we assist the AIBN in the best possible way,”communications consultant Marit Nilsen in the Norwegian Maritime Directorate told Fiskeribladet.

A salvage boat from Sandsøy Servicebåt was at the scene to lift the aluminium hulled vessel which was then be towed to a nearby shipyard. 

“There are good conditions in the fjord and we expect that it will go well to complete the salvage. We are in place with two boats and divers to do the job. It is the insurance company that decides where the boat will be when it can be taken ashore,” says general manager Aksel Ivan Brigsvor in Sandsøy Servicebåt.

Both the yard that built the boat and the salvage company are located near where the boat capsized.

It was around 06.00 on Friday morning that the boat capsized in Syltefjorden in Vanylven municipality. It was the Main Rescue Center Southern Norway that first reported the incident.

“We were told that a boat was about to capsize and start an action,” says Steinar Vatne at the Main Rescue Center.

Luckily the four on board got into another boat.

“We have talked to them and they are in good condition. They should never have been in the lake, Steinar Vatne told NRK.

It is so far unclear what was the cause of the capsizing.

“It is likely that the further investigations will be able to provide answers,” says Vatne.

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Four Norwegian crewmen have lucky escape as fishing vessel capsized

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