fisheries resource education programme

 FITF have called on fishermen to take part in The Fisheries Resource Education Programme

Fishing Into The Future is taking the opportunity to cast a wide net about our in-person events – The Fisheries Resource Education Programme (F-REP).

These are 3-day events that are designed to bring people together, share expertise and build connections for fishermen, scientists and fisheries managers to work together effectively. More information can be found on the Fishing Porthole website.

The next two events:

06-09 November 2023 Chilworth Manor near Southampton – focused on the Non-Quota Species FMPs

26-29 February 2024 Yorkshire (venue TBC) – Focused on the Shellfish FMPs

Fishing Into The Future are encouraging fishermen from across the UK to apply for places – specifically those who already take on leadership roles in local fishing communities or have the potential to in the future, and have an interest in the region or specific fisheries. Places for commercial fishermen are fully funded and include a remuneration for their time.


Apply using this link – or call Emma on 07311 812 105.


Other avenues to apply:

Apply using this link:

Fishing Porthole Webpage:

For further info see the latest press release about the event:

A (slightly outdated) promo video about our events here:

fisheries resource education programme
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