Fishing Boat has asked the Norwegian government to fund a renewal of the fishing a research fleet.

Fiskebåt (Fishing Boat) has written to the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry asking them to consider funding the renewal of the fishing and research fleet.

In the letter Fishing Boat argues that a renewal of the fleet is necessary in order to reduce its carbon footprint through measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the expenses of NOx taxes¹.

The letter also states that if through the processing of the quota announcement in the Storting and the Government’s follow-up, a lack of confidence in political framework conditions arises, it will be detrimental to the willingness to invest in the industry.

“Fishing Boat believes that it must be expected that it will take a long time before the economic activity in Norway takes off back to a normal level after the corona outbreak. How quickly this can happen is currently uncertain,but it is obvious that public measures can speed up the desired activity acquisition.

“Fishing Boat believes that the strongest means the government and the Storting have to stimulate new ones investment in the fishing fleet is to create calm around important framework conditions such as the allocation of quotas and structural arrangements. If through the processing of the Quota Notice in the Storting and the Government’s follow-up occurs lack of confidence in political framework conditions, it will be devastating to the willingness to invest in the industry.

“During the Storting’s treatment of the third crisis package this week, the government was asked to double the framework for the follow-up of the action plan for green shipping with NOK 100 million. The Storting also prays the government submit a financing program for renewal of short sea shipping until recently in the revised budget this spring. Fishing Boat is positive for these measures.

“The fishing boat will also request the government and the Storting to look at measures to stimulate increased renewal in the fishing fleet, and this should be seen in the context of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and NOx. In this context, it appears that the NOx Fund within the current support regime will have problems with the support of newbuilding of ships that will be towed after January 1, 2021, because the Tier III requirement will then be made applicable to newbuildings. Therefore, other support measures will be needed if one wishes to be encouraged to increase renewal in the fishing fleet.

“Fishing Boat will specifically propose that Enova’s grants be increased significantly and that some of the funds will be earmarked for climate-reducing measures in the fishing fleet. Such a scheme should be geared towards both existing and new fishing vessels. In addition, Fiskebåt believes that a financing program should be prepared for the renewal of the fishing fleet, similar to what is now being considered for short sea shipping.

“The fishing boat will ask the government and the Storting to follow up on these issues. Increased investment in environmental technology and the renewal of the fishing fleet will be effective means of increasing its maritime industry for a demanding period.

“Fishing Boat is aware that the Institute of Marine Research in collaboration with relevant universities wants to invest in two coastal research vessels, one in the south and one in the north. Fishing Boat agrees that there is a strong need to increase research on coastal populations and believe that this will be important to ensure sustainable management of coastal populations. It will also be a positive measure in relation to the maritime crisis shipbuilding and supplier industries.”

¹* NOx Tax is a tax payable on emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) arising from energy generation from certain specified sources. Currently the NOx Tax is NOK 22.69 (€2.00 approximately) per kg in 2020. The tax applies to emissions in Norway and on the continental shelf. As regards shipping, the tax covers emissions from vessels within Norwegian territorial waters and domestic shipping, even if part of the voyage takes place outside Norwegian territorial waters.

Source: Fiskebåt

Fiskebåt want Government funding for renewal of Fishing & Research Fleet

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