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The Danish Fish Producers Organisation has announced that fishing will continue in North Jutland despite a COVID-19 lockdown. Photo: Torsk Oestersoeen

The recent discovery of an outbreak of a strain of COVID-19 amongst minks in Denmark has led to a lockdown in the country as the government there deals with the situation.

It has been announced that fishing can continue despite the new restrictions in North Jutland. This good news comes after a discussion between government officials and representatives from the Danish fishing industry who acceded that fishing is not covered by the restrictions introduced regarding, transport and travel between the corona-closed municipalities and the other parts of the country.

Following a dialogue with the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s corona hotline, the Danish Fisheries Association has received confirmation that fishing is exempt from the new restrictions, as it is essential for food supply.

This means, among other things, that fishing is exempt from the restrictions that apply to geographical mobility in North Jutland, i.e. transport and travel between the covered municipalities and the other parts of the country. 

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Right now, therefore, there should be nothing to prevent the fishing industry from continuing, but the Danish Fisheries Association urges that the necessary considerations be taken into account. 

Against this background, it is also the opinion of the Danish Fisheries Association that crews / crew members can move to and from fishing vessels in North Jutland – even if crew members come from a different municipality than where the vessels are in port. 

The Danish Fisheries Association encourages people to travel directly to / from the vessel. Similarly, there is nothing to prevent you from landing in ports other than your home port. However, the Danish Fisheries Association is investigating whether there are restrictions in relation to moving from a North Jutland port covered by the restrictions to ports outside the “restriction area”.

The Danish Fisheries Association says it is in constant dialogue with Danish ports, municipalities and relevant authorities.  


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Fishing continues in North Jutland despite COVID-19 lockdown in Denmark

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