The RNLI lifeboat at Fishguard was called out to the same fishing vessel twice in two days

An unfortunate fishing vessel had to be towed back to harbour twice in two days by the RNLI lifeboat based at Fishguard in Wales.

Fishguard RNLI‘s all-weather lifeboat was launched on Wednesday 04 March to go to the same fishing vessel which it had towed back to Fishguard the previous day.

The fishing vessel ‘Emelia Rose’ with a crew of five aboard encountered exactly the same problem it had the day before – a rope wrapped around its propeller. 

Before the Fishguard lifeboat arrived, the fishing vessel ‘Felsi’ had come to her assistance and undertook a tow.

The Fishguard lifeboat was launched at 1600hrs, took over the tow 25 miles north-east of Fishguard and began the slow journey back to Fishguard harbour, arriving at 2000hrs. When both boats arrived in harbour the stricken fishing vessel was once again tied-up alongside the quay wall before the lifeboat docked at 2030hrs.

Source: RNLI 

Fishguard RNLI lifeboat called out to same boat twice in two days

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