In the past few weeks concerns have been raised by fishermen in the UK, that their fisheries rights may be negotiated away to the European Union in exchange for UK trade access and/or access to financial markets..

This came about after an interview in the Irish Independent on 13 January last, where Phil Hogan, the EU Trade Commissioner said that access to lucrative UK fishing grounds ‘could be linked to trade talks’ and that it would be inevitable that financial businesses in the City of London would like to keep their EU based clients.

Speaking this morning on Highland Radio, CEO of the Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation, Sean O’Donoghue said he expected fishing rights to be strongly represented and defended by EU negotiators during trade talks. 

He said “The declaration that surrounds the withdrawal agreement makes it very clear that fisheries will be negotiated in the context of the wider trade and economic areas and that is being reiterated by a number of heads of government from our own Taoiseach, to Angela Merkel, to the President of France.”

Source: Oliver McBride