A fatal incident occurred onboard the MV Corishman off the south west of the Scilly Isles

A fatal incident occurred onboard the MV Corishman off the southwest of the Scilly Isles

One man has died, and another crew member was injured during an incident on a fishing boat 50 nautical miles south west of the Isles of Scilly yesterday.

Police in the Devon and Cornwall Division confirmed the tragic news today. A coastguard helicopter from Newquay and the St Mary’s lifeboat were scrambled to the scene where the incident took place around 6.30am on Saturday.

The police and coastguards have not revealed the nature of the incident but ITV News’ West of England and Wales Correspondent, Rupert Evelyn named the fishing vessels as the FV Cornishman PZ 512.

Detective Inspector Daniel Massey said, “Police and partners from the Marine Accident Investigation Board, MCA and Coast Guard, were informed of an incident on board a fishing vessel some 50 miles off the Cornish Coast, resulting in the death of one male and the injury to another of the crew.

“The families of those involved have been informed and a joint investigation is now under way.”

The MAIB said it was running a “safety investigation into a fatal accident”.

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