The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is looking to recruit four members to the North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA).

Each IFCA needs members who will take a balanced approach to caring for our seas, assessing the priority and importance of all users and stakeholders. The North Eastern IFCA is seeking four proactive individuals with good communication skills and a demonstrable ability to disseminate IFCA regulations, policies and guidance through their network of contacts to serve as a member.

Andrew Wareing, Director of Business Development and Transformation for the Marine Management Organisation, which is responsible for appointing local people with relevant expertise to the IFCAs, said:

“These are rare, exciting opportunities for people with experience and a passion for their inshore marine area to play a major part in shaping how their local area is managed. If you want to make a positive difference and help balance economic, social and environmental needs, we would be pleased to hear from you.”

The deadline for applications is 12:00, Friday 13 March 2020.

The role is on a voluntary basis although relevant expenses may be reimbursed.

You can email or telephone 0208 225 6659 for more information.

Source: Marine Management Organisation

Exciting opportunity in Conservation in the North East District

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