The ‘Helga Maria’ AK landed after filling her holds with fish on her last trip

Join the 76 metre Norwegian fishing vessel ‘TEIGENES’ on a blue whiting trip from start to finish in the North-East Atlantic with video from Espen Vike.

Espen Vike has brought his camera to the North Atlantic and gives a detailed account of how blue whiting fishing is done on board the purse-seiner/trawler.

The ‘Teigenes’, whose home port is Fosnavåg in Herøy, is also seen trawling for trawling. In Vike’s film we get to take part in all the operations from the trip starts in Fosnavåg until the boat and crew are in the fishing field, the search for fish starts until the moment all the fish of 1850 tonnes the fish is delivered at Vedde on Sula a week later.

It is definitely worth taking a few minutes to watch.

Excellent video by Espen Vike of the ‘Teigenes’ on a Blue Whiting Trip

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