The EU has received the UK’s text on the future of fisheries

EU-UK Future Relationship Negotiations which resumed yesterday, this morning received the UK’s position on fisheries which suggestes there is no change in either sides position on the issue.

News has just come from a French communications agency that the UK has just sent a text to EU negotiators summarizing its position, deemed “reasonable”. 

The second round of talks ended with the EU’s Chief negotiator, Michel Barnier saying he was disappointed with the outcome and with the fact the UK team had not presented any firm text on the future of fisheries between the two blocs.

The new text presented today by the UK team, led by EU Adviser to the PM, David Frost,  has been reported as containing a clause which would mean an annual renegotiation of fishing quotas in UK waters. 

This is a position which the EU refuses and it looks like the third round of EU-UK Future Relationship Negotiations could end without any real progress on fisheries because neither party is willing to shift their position.

EU-UK Future Relationship Negotiations receives British text on Fisheries

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