The EU and UK have entered into first joint fisheries agreement on quotas after Brexit. Photo: DFPO

The EU-UK fisheries agreement in place but the figures and conditions are yet to come. Photo: DFPO

The EU and UK have entered into first joint agreement on fishing quotas after Brexit. 

There are no official figures available yet but the news has been welcomed in Danish fisheries. In Fiskeritidende they write:

Both the EU and Fisheries Minister Rasmus Prehn (S) have now announced that the EU and the UK have reached an agreement on fishing quotas for 2021. 

Until now, fishermen have been fishing on temporary quotas. But there should be a final agreement on the way, they confirm. 

The agreement sets fishing quotas for a number of stocks in the North Sea that are important for Danish fisheries. This applies to monkfish, hake, Norway lobster, shrimp, a number of flatfish species as well as sandeel and sprat. 

However, they will not reveal the exact figures on quotas – including the Danish quota. We are still waiting for them. Nor is it known whether special conditions and requirements come with it.  

 The Danish Fisheries Association hopes that the details will be ready soon, because it will hopefully create certainty.

“Until now, we have only fished on temporary quotas, and this has made it impossible for fishermen to plan their fishing. They have the opportunity to do so now that they know what kind of quotas they have at their disposal until the turn of the year, says Kenn Skau Fischer,” CEO of the Danish Fisheries Association.

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It is the first joint agreement on fishing quotas between the EU and the UK since the British left the EU. Getting the agreements in place is important, as the lack of agreements has created great uncertainty in the North Atlantic, Kenn Skau Fischer emphasizes:

“It is very positive that the EU is the first party to succeed in getting an agreement in place with the UK. It benefits fish stocks and ensures sustainable fisheries management.”

 According to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, it must be presented to EU fisheries ministers as soon as possible. In a press release, Minister of Fisheries Rasmus Prehn (S) is pleased that the agreement has been reached. He believes that in the long run, Danish fisheries are better off with an agreement with the UK than without.

“It is gratifying that with the agreement we now finally give Danish fishermen clarity about the fishing for 2021. It has been hard to find a common agreement. From the Danish side, however, we have throughout the process emphasized that we are stronger with an agreement with the UK than without. Danish fisheries is highly dependent on access to British waters, so we see this agreement as the first step in establishing a new, but still close and constructive cooperation in the fisheries area,” says Rasmus Prehn.

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EU-UK fisheries agreement in place, but figures and conditions yet to come

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