EU sanctions on Russian seafood imports does not include Alaska pollock

EU sanctions on Russian seafood imports does not include Alaska pollock. Photo: NOAA

Sanctions on Russian seafood imports announced by the European Council on Friday 08 April 2022, does not include cod and Alaska pollock.

Considering Russia’s continuing war of aggression against Ukraine, and the reported atrocities committed by Russian armed forces in Ukraine, the European Council decided to impose a fifth package of economic and individual sanctions against Russia.

The agreed package includes a series of measures intended to reinforce pressure on the Russian government and economy, and to limit the Kremlin’s resources for the aggression. Part of the package of sanctions against Russia include the importation of Russian seafood and banning Russian flagged vessel from access to EU ports.

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But the EU ban only includes imports of caviar and caviar substitutes, along with crustaceans such as crab and shrimp. Other seafood products like Alaska Pollock and cod are not affected by the measures a Commission official who spoke to The Fishing Daily confirmed this week.

Citizens across the EU have been calling for tougher sanctions against Russian over their actions in the Ukraine which has been condemned globally as war crimes, but countries in the EU are still receiving gas/oil, farming aids and seafood from Russia, even though it now has to be paid for in roubles rather than in dollars due to the international sanctions on financial transactions with Russia.

The EU has been forced to continue imports due to the demand and reliance on Russian imported seafood by supermarkets and fast food outlets.

In the United States, President Joe Biden announced a ban on Russian imported seafood on Thursday 15 April last.

The sanctions against Russia also include the transfer or export, directly or indirectly of maritime navigation goods and technology whether originating in the EU or not, for use in Russia or for placing onboard a Russian flagged ship.

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EU sanctions against Russian seafood does not include cod and Alaska Pollock

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