The Norwegian beam trawl ban has been postponed until 01 October 2022 NSAC and NWWAC issue joint letter to DG MARE urgently asking for the EU Commission to intervene in fuel crisis and save fishing industry

The Norwegian beam trawl ban has been postponed until 01 October 2022

The enforcement of the ban on beam trawls in Norwegian waters has been postponed from 01 June 2022 to 01 October 2022.

The news has been welcomed by Nederlandse Vissersbond who’s members woud have found themselves locked out of traditional fishing grounds. The Dutch Fishermen’s Union/PO Delta South team held various discussions with the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and members of the European Parliament since the ban was announced, in order for a dialogue to be opened with Norway over its decision.

The North Sea Advisory Council (NSAC) had written to the Director of Fisheries Policy Atlantic, North Sea, Baltic and outermost regions calling for the EU Commission, Fabrizio Donatella, to approach Norway over the decision to ban beam trawling in its EEZ.

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This news means that beam trawls can still be fished in Norwegian waters until 01 October, until then the beam trawl ban will not be enforced by the Norwegian authorities. Norwegian authorities confirmed this to the European Commission this week.

“Earlier this year, we as a cutter sector were surprised by the beam trawl ban in Norwegian waters. From that moment on, we as the Nederlandse Vissersbond/PO Delta South took immediate action. Among other things, a postponement has been requested, which is now being given by the Norwegian authorities for a number of months. In addition, an attempt is being made to enter into a dialogue with the Norwegians via the European Commission so that they can continue to fish in Norwegian waters with adapted gear. The North Sea Advisory Council also plays an active role in this process,” writes the Nederlandse Vissersbond/PO Delta Zuid team.

The Dutch fishermen’s union concluded by saying, “We have now informed our members who are active in or near Norwegian waters about the possibility to fish with the beam trawl in Norwegian waters until October 1, 2022. In the coming period we will maintain various international contacts to investigate whether it is possible to fish longer in Norwegian waters with an alternative fishing gear.”

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