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The EAPO has written to Frangiscos Nikolian saying that the organisation is willing to contribute to the Commission initiatives on POs & the CMO

The EAPO has written to Mr Frangiscos Nikolian, offering to help the European Commission in their efforts to enhance trans-EU alliance between Producers Organisations.

In the letter, EAPO Chair, Pim Visser writes “EAPO welcomes the launch of the Commission initiative to enhance cross-border cooperation of Producers Organisations (POs). Since 1980, the European Association of Fish Producers Organisations (EAPO) has been fostering collaboration amongst POs from multiple Member States and up until 2019 comprised 38 POs in 10 EU Member States. 

While cooperation requires minimum key elements like the ability to communicate in English or to be available to provide input, EAPO manages to incorporate in its membership POs of very diverse sizes and origin. This is because of the added value of international cooperation that we provide. Another important point is that all of our members are recognised POs, unlike some organisations invited as speakers by the Commission during the kick-off meeting of the 10th June 2020. We did appreciate the participation and interventions of our member FEDOPA. 

POs and national PO federations in the EAPO membership represent all parts of the variety in the EU fishing industry, ranging from one-man operations to freezer trawlers. With approximately 10,000 vessels, EAPO members generate 3.5 million tonnes of landings and €3 billion first sale value. 

We would also like to highlight that our organisation has an open-door policy to any PO recognised by its EU member state. 

Transnational cooperation is therefore a key EAPO-value. Therefore, EAPO would like to know how we could play a role in this project. We would also like to be included on the PO bootcamp platform you are setting up.  

On another topic, you recently mentioned at a Market Advisory Council meeting, that the Commission will be evaluating the CMO for fish products. EAPO would like to come forward to participate in the current regulation’s strength-weaknesses-opportunities and threat evaluation. As you know, producer organisations are responsible for the day to day management of the market (among other things, through production and marketing plans), and are therefore very relevant on that matter. 

EAPO trusts that you will take this information into account and remains at your disposal to provide relevant additional input.”

EAPO willing to contribute to the Commission initiatives on POs & the CMO

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