D&S IFCA Potting Permits

The D&S IFCA have made notice on the issuing of new potting permits

The Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (D&S IFCA) is in the process of issuing new Potting Permits to commercial and recreational potters.


It will take some time to circulate the amended Potting Permit Conditions.

The updated potting permits will be valid from 10th July 2020.

Until that date, all existing potting permits remain valid.

The Annexes (charts) that accompany the Potting Permit Conditions are unchanged and won’t be re-circulated.  The new potting permits will remain valid until the expiry date as set out on each individual potting permit.

Permit holders that have supplied an email address will receive their new permits electronically free of charge.

Others with no email address will receive their new permits via the post free of charge.

D&S IFCA has updated its Policy Statement for the Live Wrasse Fishery and fishers that are engaged in the Live Wrasse Pot Fishery will also be provided with this updated information within their correspondence.


There are three changes to the Potting Permit Conditions and two of them relate to the capture of rock cook wrasse.

The new conditions are dated 24th June 2020, but the Annexes (charts) that accompany the Potting Permit Conditions are unchanged and won’t be re-circulated.

  1. The new Potting Permit Conditions prohibit the removal of rock cook wrasse and this is applicable to all Potting Permit Holders. Rock cook wrasse has been added to a list of other species such as berried or v-notched lobster which can’t be removed from a fishery.
  2. As it will now be prohibited to remove rock cook wrasse, the size range (slot size) for the removal of live rock cook wrasse has been removed from the Potting Permit Conditions as it is no longer relevant. This change is not relevant to most fishers using pots as only four commercial fishers are authorised to fish for live wrasse. These commercial fishers must meet additional criteria to fish for live wrasse and their wrasse pots must be marked with specific tags issued by D&S IFCA.
  3. The third change is for the benefit of all those working pots. A new schedule has been added to the Potting Permit Conditions. It offers guidance on how shellfish and fish should be measured and, although not a substitute for catch restrictions in the Permit, lists the Minimum Conservation Reference Sizes (MCRS) applicable to the Potting Permit Conditions.

D&S IFCA undertakes a regular review of the Live Wrasse Pot Fishery. After reviewing the findings of D&S IFCA’s research work in February 2020, the Byelaw & Permitting Sub-Committee (B&PSC) concluded that changes to the Potting Permit Conditions were needed to offer additional protection for rock cook wrasse. 

A consultation was undertaken by D&S IFCA that ended on 15th May 2020 which highlighted the proposed changes that were required to protect rock cook wrasse and seek the views of fishers regarding the addition of a new schedule for the Potting Permit Conditions. 

The findings of the consultation can be read here and a second document relating to the decision making of the B&PSC can be read here.

On 18th June 2020, the B&PSC agreed to all changes as set out in the consultation.


If you have any questions relating to the changes, please contact D&S IFCA.

If you don’t have a Potting Permit but would like to apply for one, this can be done online or by contacting D&S IFCA and completing an application form.

The updated Policy Statement for the Live Wrasse Pot Fishery can be viewed here.

All papers referred to at B&PSC meetings are displayed on the D&S IFCA website, with the most recent appearing on the MEETINGS display page.  An even larger collection of B&PSC papers and past minutes of meetings can be found in our website RESOURCE LIBRARY

You can be added to our list of contacts by contacting D&S IFCA. Those on our contacts list will be directly notified by email about all our consultation work. Those on our list of contacts have on-going choices including receiving our free e-newsletter.

Please note that the amended Potting Permit Conditions have a version control (24th June 2020) within the footer. This is for administration purposes and is not the date when the new Potting Permit Conditions become valid.

Source: D&S IFCA

D&S & IFCA issuing New Potting Permits to fishers

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