The £1 million Domestic Seafood Supply Scheme is supporting innovative ways to sell fish and shellfish across English Fishing Industry

Projects approved under the £1 million grant scheme supporting innovative ways to sell fish and shellfish across England.

The Domestic Seafood Supply Scheme was set up in April to help fund projects that will increase the sale and consumption of locally caught seafood. It was a competitive scheme, judged by an independent panel of fishing industry, government and Marine Management Organisation representatives.

The panel has now approved a total of 20 projects that have the potential to deliver significant collective benefits for the seafood industry in England.

The panel has awarded funding to businesses based across the country who submitted a range of innovative ideas to support their local fishing and seafood businesses get their products to market, including new processing operations, on-line auction and sales websites, and local transport solutions.

Projects were selected that could demonstrate they brought the greatest benefit to the industry as a whole, working across communities and regions, or with partners.

Some examples are:

  • In the South West, Newlyn Fish Market was awarded funding to create an electronic, cloud-based auction platform meaning local buyers can continue to ‘attend’ auctions and purchase catches.
  • In the South East, Yorwarth’s Fresh Fish in East Sussex was awarded funding for processing equipment to be used in a newly created hub to process and distribute locally caught inshore fish. This will mean orders could be distributed quickly and continued to provide a sales outlet for the local inshore fishing fleet.
  • In the North East, Riley’s Fish Ltd in North Shields was awarded funding for a refrigerated vehicle allowing them to support fishermen by providing an outlet for their catch to be sold.
Projects from the English Fishing industry approved for the Domestic Supply Scheme:
Ref Applicant Title Region Project cost Match Project cost less match
DSSS1010 Two Brothers Fishing Ltd Business Development of Direct Selling & Promotion of Fishing Heritage & Day Boat Fish South West 26,387 4,000 22,387
DSSS1156 Fish for Thought Project Cornwall 2020 South West 81,152 20,288 60,864
DSSS1148 Venture Seafoods Brexit/Covid Response Yorkshire & Humber 194,141 97,070 97,070
DSSS1163 Riley’s Fish Ltd North Shields Prawns and Lobster North East 116,300 31,400 84,900
DSSS1060 Pengellys Famous Fishmongers Pengellys selling direct. South West 24,500 24,500
DSSS1013 W Stevensons and Sons ltd Newlyn fish market electronic auction and national marketing programme South West 148,359 48,359 100,000
DSSS1061 Silver Dawn Fishing Ltd Establishment of new supply chains through diversification of fishing company into processing and sales South West 159,501 59,501 100,000
DSSS1087 Weyfish Weyfish Infrastructure Development Scheme South West 58,105 11,621 46,484
DSSS1069 Wild Harbour Online Retail Fish Box Scheme South West 4,136 4,136
DSSS1133 Murt’s Shellfish Shellfish and fish processing unit South West 33,217 33,217
DSSS1123 Sam Cole Food Ltd Sam Cole Home Delivery South east 50,030 25,015 25,015
DSSS1040 Yorwarth?s Fresh Fish Yorwarths Fresh Fish South East 46,000 46,000
DSSS1176 T24 Seven Ltd trading as Crab Shed Salcombe Crab Processing Unit South West 33,066 33,066
DSSS1049 Whitby Fish Sales Ltd Supply of Fish to Domestic Market – Scarborough Harbour Yorkshire & Humber 96,804 19,361 77,443
DSSS1167 Clifton Seafood Company Ltd Project Orca South West 50,000 50,000
DSSS1161 The Stickleback Fish Company Fish 4 Home South East 45,000 45,000
DSSS1066 Palatine Fishing Building a commercially sustainable local supply chain through refrigerated transport and distribution South West 25,100 5,020 20,080
DSSS1140 Severn & Wye Smokery Ltd Home Delivery and Fish-With-Sides South West 41,000 41,000
DSSS1135 Moorcroft Seafoods Ltd Moorcroft Seafoods – Home Delivery, mail order Yorkshire & Humber 80,793 40,397 40,396
DSSS1054 BLUESAIL FISH LTD LOOE LIVE TANKS PROJECT South West 85,989 15,000 70,989

Source: Marine Management Organsiation

Domestic Seafood Supply Scheme supports English Fishing Industry

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