Authorities in Denmark have finalised the transfer of Eastern Baltic Sea Cod quotas

In Denmark, the Fisheries Authority has completed the transfer of quota for eastern Baltic cod to the western Baltic Sea for fishing vessels affected by the fisheries closure.

Eastern Baltic cod stocks collapsed in 2019 prompting the European Union to order emergency fishing measures in July. The temporary ban on fishing eastern Baltic cod was to last until December 2019 but on scientific advice last October’s EU’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRIFISH), decided to suspend cod fishing and the Commission proposed a 2,000 tonnes quota for bycatch in 2020.

Due to this change, Danish fishing vessels with quotas in the east were allowed to transfer it to the western Baltic.

The Ministry of the Environment and Food, the Danish Fisheries Authority has issued the following message:

“All vessels that have applied for cod quotas in the Baltic Sea have had their quota implemented in a ratio of 1: 1 per year. May 15, 2020.

This involves switching from the eastern quota (DØX cod) to cod from the western quota (DV cod) in the Baltic Sea, cf. §106 (2). 2 of the Executive Order on Regulation of Fisheries, BEK No. 1461 of 19/12/2019.

A cover letter with updated FKA Year Volume License No. 1000 has been issued to all affected vessel owners.”

Denmark finalises transfer of Eastern Baltic Sea Cod quotas

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