Danish autumn sprat season

The Danish sprat fleet is in high spirits going into the autumn season with a 50% increase in the 2020 quota

Fiskeritidende has reported that the Danish sprat fleet is in high spirits going into the autumn sprat season.

Although the quota has been doubled for 2020 “the quota could well have been higher” and “there is a need for a flexible scheme,” says the chairman of the IP committee of the Danish Fisheries Association

Everything points to a really good sprat fishery in the North Sea this autumn. The Danish quota was set by the EU on 1 July 2020 at 144,000 tonnes. But even though it is more than 50 percent higher than the quota last year, the assessment in the fishery is that a quota should have been set at an even higher level given the occurrence of sprat.

“We are looking at all possibilities to ensure a higher sprat quota for the benefit of Danish fisheries, says Jesper Juul Larsen,” chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association’s IP Committee.

In this context, there is a focus on the fact that last year an opportunity was established to flex quotas from the Skagerrak and Kattegat into the North Sea, but this flex option was not immediately introduced this year. Apparently this was more as a result of discussions in principle in the EU about Brexit than from a discussion on the sprat fishery. But the Danish Fisheries Association is pushing for this flex to be reintroduced – at one level or another.

“We have not got the flex option yet, unfortunately. But we are working to bring the issue to the Council of October in the EU, with a view to reintroducing this flex as soon as possible. We need a good flex scheme. It should not be 100 percent. as last year, but at an appropriate level for the benefit of Danish fisheries,” says Jesper Juul Larsen. 

The Danish Fisheries Association therefore recommended a flex of 70 percent.

Source: Fiskeritidende

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