Danish sandeel season 2020

238,000 tonnes of sandeel was landed during the Danish season 2020

The Danish sandeel season ended with oil and fishmeal processing factories receiving approximately 238,000 tonnes of the fish from both domestic and foreign fishing vessels.

Preliminary figures have been published by the Danish Fisheries Authority and comes after an 18 week season which started on 01 April and ended on 31 July 2020. At the start of the season the domestic fleet was allocated a total of 215,863 tonnes of sandeel but after a successful start to the season, at the end of May the Danish parliament voted to allow for a 10 percent increase using the EU’s flexible quota system.

Figures from the Danish Fisheries Authority show that the Danish factories have received around 238,000 tonnes of sandeel delivered in 2020 and of this, the Danish vessels accounted for 171,700 tonnes, while the Norwegian vessels landed 39,700 tonnes of sandeel for the Danish factories and the Swedish fishing fleet have accounted for 23,500 tonnes of sandeel in Danish ports, while other nationalities have unloaded 3,100 tonnes of sandeel between them.

The total Danish fishing quota for sandeel in 2020, in EU waters in the North Sea, Skagerrak and Kattegat, ended at 247,928 tonnes, this is including the addition of the 10 percent extra quota.

Some in the Danish fishing industry have asked why sandeel stocks in Area 4 have not been utilised optimally during the 2020 season. Here, figures from the Danish Fisheries Authority show that the Danish fishermen have only caught 38 percent of the allocated quota. danish sandeel season 2020The landings in 2020 can be compared in the figure below with the sandeel landings from the last 10 years. The figures shown include landings from both Danish and foreign vessels in all years.

The landing figures are official figures from the Danish Fisheries Agency’s database

danish sandeel season 2020
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Danish Sandeel Season 2020 ends with 238,000 tonnes being processed

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