Danish National Cod Plan has come into effect as of the 15 August

Danish National Cod Plan has come into effect as of the 15 August

The Danish national cod plan to protect fish stocks in the North Sea and Skagerrak has come into effect as of Saturday, 15 August 2020.

The Danish Government had signed into effect a new Executive Order brining the regualtions into law.

The Executive Order lays down measures for the protection of the cod stock in the North Sea and Skagerrak with the aim of maintaining the cod catches at a level corresponding to the stipulated fishing opportunities, as well as contributing to the rebuilding of the cod stock.

The Order complements the provisions of Article 14 of Council Regulation (EU) No. 2020/123 of 27 January 2020 fixing for 2020 the fishing opportunities for certain fish stocks and groups of fish stocks applicable in Union waters and for EU fishing vessels in certain other waters, as amended by Council Regulation (EU) No. 2020/900 of 25 June 2020.  – read it right here. 

The EU had originally planned to close fishing in a number of areas, unless it met a number of strict and unreasonable requirements for bycatches and gear. But there was also an opportunity to make a national cod plan and that is now in effect.

Here it is proposed that the fishermen may fish in the selected areas if they can document that they have a sufficient quota basis. With the plan, you can also be allowed to fish if you use selective gear.  

“It is a plan where there has been a large-scale collaboration, and where the basic philosophy is that you must have your quota basis in order. The plan ensures that fishermen can continue fishing without having to use gear that will significantly reduce profitability in Danish fisheries,” explains Kenn Skau Fischer, director of the Danish Fisheries Association, who over the summer has worked well with the authorities and the Minister on the plan.

“We have been given responsibility, dialogue and cooperation. But we have not got everything we want.” 

Among other things. there is still a requirement that you must not have landed 90 percent of your cod quota if you want to fish in the areas. The Danish Fisheries Association had otherwise called on the authorities to remove this, as it could mean that Denmark will not be able to fish up the cod quota.

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Danish National Cod Plan has come into effect as of the 15 August

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