Danish Minister, Rasmus Prehn has refuted an allegation that the Government is not supporting French fishers in the UK fishing licence dispute

Danish Minister, Rasmus Prehn has refuted an allegation that the Government is not supporting French fishers in the UK fishing licence dispute

Danish Fisheries Minister Rasmus Prehn has refuted allegations that they are not being supportive of the French in their dispute with the UK over fishing licences.

The Danish Liberal Party’s Torsten Shack Pedersen claimed the Minister of Fisheries lack of support weakens EU cooperation.

He said, “The fishing industry is bleeding, and the follow-up industry must turn the key because not enough fish is landed. Yet the Minister of Fisheries is sitting on his hands instead of fighting for the profession. Most recently, when it became clear that the United Kingdom was not complying with its part of the Brexit agreement, Denmark was not on the list of countries that would help put pressure on the British. It is beneath contempt!”.

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This allegation has been denied by Prehn who hit back saying:

“Torsten Schack Pedersen criticizes that we on the Danish side do not support France, which is in a current dispute with the UK over the fishery after Brexit.

“I can completely deny that allegation. From the Danish side, we have supported France in relation to demanding a solution that ensures access for French vessels to British waters. Denmark stands shoulder to shoulder with France.

“I myself also announced this to the EU Fisheries Ministers at the Council meeting in Luxembourg, where the matter was on the agenda. And I can reveal that the French Foreign Minister, Le Drian, has subsequently thanked Denmark for its solidarity on this important issue.

“The solidarity between the EU member states in relation to the implementation of the Brexit agreement is crucial.

“As responsible minister, I am every day concerned with how we strengthen and secure the future of Danish fisheries, so that there are still good jobs in our ports, and fresh, sustainable fish on the Danish dinner tables.

“But we are being challenged right now by, among other things, Brexit and the situation in the Baltic Sea.

“That is why I am happy to have committed and skilled colleagues in the Folketing, such as Torsten Schack Pedersen himself, who wants to work together to find solutions.

“The solidarity between the EU Member States was what secured us a solid Brexit agreement in the field of fisheries. And it is this solidarity that must ensure that we in the EU in the field of fisheries stand strong in demanding what we have been promised in the Brexit agreement.

“From the Danish side, we ourselves are engaged in a difficult discussion with Great Britain about the continued access to catch sandeel and sprat in British waters. It is an important fishery for Denmark, which contributes to jobs at sea, in the port and in the processing industry.

“Here we have the support of the other countries in the EU. Because in the EU we stand together. I also know that Torsten Schack and I do this work to find sustainable and long-term solutions for Danish fisheries.”

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Danish Minister refutes allegation of not supporting French fishers

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