EU-Norway Fishing Opportunity Agreement

Danish fishers welcome EU-Norway Fishing Opportunity Agreement

The Danish Fishermen’s Association has welcomed the new quota agreement saying that it is good news for fisheries and jobs in the country.

They write:

Today, EU Fisheries Ministers approved the EU-Norway Fishing Opportunity Agreement and set the fishing opportunities for the rest of 2021 for the stocks under joint management between the EU, Norway and the UK. This news is being looked at with great relief by the Danish Fisheries Association, which throughout 2021 has wanted clarity about the fishing opportunities.

So far, 2021 has been a really bad year for Danish fishing, and the many jobs that fishing contributes to have been under historical pressure. Therefore, I am glad that we at least get some more clarity about the fishery the rest of the year, and I would like to thank Rasmus Prehn for the great effort he has made for the fishery, says chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association PO, Svend- Erik Andersen.

Although today’s agreement creates more security around the fishery for the rest of the year, there is still an agreement between the EU and the UK on the fishing opportunities for the stocks managed by the EU and the UK. Here, a temporary solution has been found until 31 July, when fishermen will have the opportunity to fish 7/12 of the expected quota.

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On the positive side, however, it has succeeded in finding a good solution for the sandeel and sprat fishery, which is managed between the EU and the UK. Here it has been agreed that the entire expected quota can be caught before 31 July instead of 7/12 of the quota as for the vast majority of stocks managed by the EU and the UK. This is good news for Danish fishing.

“I am glad that we can now get started on the sandeel fishery, and we have had the opportunity to catch the entire quota while there is a season. It’s good for fishing. I know it has required a special effort from the Danish side, and Rasmus Prehn should be praised for that,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

In Danish fishing, people are now looking forward to the last uncertainty being killed, and they are starting to look ahead. From the point of view of fisheries, it is crucial that the great uncertainty created by the month-long negotiations does not become an annual event.

“The great uncertainty and the negotiation circus that we have been through this year, costs Danish fishing dearly. Therefore, it is crucial that there is political focus on how we avoid this process becoming an annual event. Because fishing is simply not worth it,” Svend-Erik Andersen concludes.

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Danish fishers welcomes EU-Norway Fishing Opportunity Agreement

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