Danish fishers demostration

Danish fishers will take part in demonstration over the weekend

On Saturday 21 November, Danish fishers will take part in the demonstration Folkestyret Hylder will run the Constitution in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

The fishing community will take part in the demonstration to express their dissatisfaction with rule tyranny and lack of responsiveness to the industry’s challenges and to show sympathy with the mink industry.

The demonstration is being organised by grassroots to provide an opportunity to express frustration over the lack of understanding of the issues that challenge the business community in Denmark’s rural areas. Frustrations that are unfortunately abundant in Danish fisheries, where the Danish Fisheries Association and the Danish Pelagic Producers’ Organization experience that politicians and the administration are far from always solution-oriented.

A large number of vessels in the Danish Fisheries Association and the Danish Pelagic Producers’ Organization have on their own initiative chosen to participate in the demonstration in Copenhagen. That decision meets with great understanding and sympathy from the chairmen of the two organizations:

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Fridi Magnusen, chairman of the Danish Pelagic Producers’ Organization:

“Danish fishermen experience that rules and guidelines for fishing become more and more complicated with each passing day. We are supporters of both rules and controls. But we find that regulation and control prevail and that the rules run counter to what can actually be done in fishing. This means that in many cases our members are punished for violating rules that absolutely do not make sense and that can not be complied with. It creates discouragement and frustration, and our members experience that politicians neither listen nor respect the profession,” says Fridi Magnusen.

Svend-Erik Andersen, chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association:

“There has been too much distance between the EU and Copenhagen in relation to the reality at sea and in Danish ports. Rule tyranny is pushing fishing and the opportunities for continued sustainable development of fishing. This becomes clear, for example, when politicians choose to place an offshore wind farm in the middle of an important fishing area. Completely unnecessary and even completely without prior dialogue with the profession. I can well understand that our members need to get rid of their worries and frustrations,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

It is expected that the many fishing vessels will berth at Langelinie in Copenhagen.

More information about the demonstration can be found at https://folkelighed.dk/.


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Danish fishers to participate in demonstration over the weekend

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