The Danish fishermen has sent a donation to the Red Cross to aid their work in the war-torn Ukraine

The Danish fishermen has sent a donation to the Red Cross to aid their work in the war-torn Ukraine

The Danish Fisheries Association has donated 100,000 kroner (€13,500/£12,000) to the Red Cross and their work in the war-torn Ukraine, where emergency aid is badly needed reports Fisheritidende.

The war in Ukraine is a humanitarian disaster that is growing bigger and bigger day by day, says the Danish fishermen’s magazine. Therefore, the Danish Fisheries Association has decided to donate DKK 100,000 to the Red Cross and their work in Ukraine.

“Anyone who has seen pictures from Ukraine can see that what is going on is completely inhumane and it is an unbearable situation. The war is a testimony that solidarity and togetherness are more important than ever. Because the fight Ukraine is fighting is the fight of all of us. That is why we in Danish fisheries would like to help, and we have therefore decided to donate 100,000 kroner to the efforts in Ukraine. It is our hope that through this we can make a small difference for some of the war’s victims,” says chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association, Svend-Erik Andersen. 

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The Red Cross is happy with the donation, and they state that the aid will help during the cold winter in Ukraine.

“Winter in Ukraine is hard and cold. At the same time, the destruction of critical infrastructure means that many people risk being left without heat, water and electricity. Overall, it could develop catastrophically for the country’s civilian population,” says Jakob Harbo, the Red Cross’ country manager in Ukraine.

This is how the Red Cross helps

The Red Cross is present in both Ukraine and neighbouring countries. The International Red Cross and a large number of Red Cross societies, including the Red Cross in Denmark, collaborate to provide humanitarian aid to the many millions of civilians affected by the conflict.

“We help with, among other things, shelter, food and drink, health care, access to clean drinking water, psychosocial first aid and financial support. In addition, we assist in the evacuation of civilians and work to restore contact between family members who have been separated,” says Harbo, and the Danish Fisheries Association say that this is work they would very much like to support.

“The work of the Red Cross makes a difference to many people. That is why we have chosen to support their efforts in Ukraine. The humanitarian effort is crucial, and we are happy that we can support that work,” concluded DFA Chairman, Svend-Erik Andersen.

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Danish fishermen send donation for emergency aid in Ukraine

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