Danish fish shellfish 2022

The Danish fishing industry landed €402.5m worth of fish and shellfish in 2022

Collectively, Danish fishermen landed fish and shellfish worth nearly 3 billion DKK (€402.5m/£346.5m) in 2022.

The majority came from fishermen who are members of DFPO (Danmarks Fiskeriforening or Danish Fishermen’s Association), who registered over half the value of the total catch landed.

DFPO members landed 1.6 billion DKK ((€215m/£185m) worth of fish and shellfish during 2022

Members of the Danish Pelagic Producer Organisation (DPPO) landed fish for just under 1.1 billion DKK (€147.6m/£127m).

In addition to the landings by DFPO’s and DPPO’s members, deep-sea shrimp were landed from Greenland waters and the Barents Sea for 182 million DKK (€24.4m/£21m). They are primarily caught by Ocean Prawns, which is an associate member of DFPO.

Furthermore, fish and shellfish were landed for 94 million DKK (€12.6m/£10.8m) by fishermen who are not members of DFPO and DPPO.

The contributions of the members of the Association for Gentle Coastal Fishing (FSK-PO) are unknown.

The Nephrops Fishery Progresses

For DFPO fishermen, the fishery for Nephrops, or Norway lobsters, made up the largest portion of the landing value. It was followed by the fishing of plaice and cod.

DFPO’s members landed Nephrops for 320 million DKK (€43m/£37m), and plaice and cod for 175 (€23.5m/£20m) and 119 million DKK (€16m/£13.8m), respectively.

Next in line was the fishing of hake and deep-sea shrimp, which had a landing value for DFPO’s members of 91 (€12/£10.5m) and 88 million DKK (€11.8m/£10m), respectively.

Prices Salvages the Overall Result

The DFPO says that 2022 was a challenging year for Danish fishing due to high fuel prices and low quotas on important species such as cod, whiting, and saithe. Fortunately, the fact that fishermen received good prices for their catches brightened the picture.

For members of the Danish Fishermen’s Association, this resulted in an increase of 120 million DKK (€16m/£13.9m) compared to 2021.

“Hopefully, 2023 will be even better,” says the Association.


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