Svend-Erik Andersen, CEO of the Danish Fisheries Association PO welcomes the Government’s initiative

The Danish Fisheries Association PO has welcomed the Danish Government’s COVID-19 initiative for small and medium-sized businesses and also calls for the return of VAT and the payment of instalments and loans

The Danish Fisheries Association PO fully supports their Government’s efforts to bring Denmark through the COVID-19 crisis.

“Coronavirus affects us all in the fisheries sector – both as individuals and as a food industry. We all have a shared responsibility to help prevent and limit the spread of Coronavirus,” said Svend-Erik Andersen, President of the Danish Fisheries Association PO.

But as a strong export-oriented business, Danish fishing is also affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Necessary measures in relation to the COVID-19 virus in Denmark and in the EU also have the consequence that the demand for first-class fresh seafood from, for example, restaurants and eateries is unfortunately reduced. The Danish fishermen therefore find that their catches are sold at low prices at the fish auctions and the consequences can be far reaching.

“We all in Danish fishing should closely follow the developments in the fish auctions and our normal markets. Many fishermen are being squeezed financially as a result of the COVID-19 situation. We therefore welcome the latest government initiatives to help businesses, not least the latest initiatives in relation to SMEs. The government’s proposal to postpone the VAT payments and postpone the deadline for payment of B-tax will help with the liquidity of the fishery,” Svend-Erik Andersen said on the PO’s website.

In this connection, the Danish Fisheries Association PO has applied to the Government to also have VAT refunded from the fourth quarter of 2019, and that it is possible to postpone repayments and loans in the former Fisheries Bank. In this context, the Danish Fisheries Association will also contact the relevant banks and banks with a call for an extension of credits and loans to the fisheries sector.

“We need all measures that can mitigate the negative market effects of COVID-19. It can help in the short term. Then, hopefully, before too long, we can restore stability in the market. Basically, there is still a need for the good and healthy raw materials that the Danish fishermen bring ashore,” concluded Svend-Erik Andersen.

Source: Danish Fisheries Association


Danish Fisheries Association welcomes Government COVID-19 Initiatives

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