The Danish Fisheries Association has welcomed Jacob Jensen as the next Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries New sub-agreement on the Finance Act makes a mockery of fishing claims Danish fishing representatives Svend-Erik Andersen, chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association

The Danish Fisheries Association Chairman, Svend-Erik Andersen, has welcomed Jacob Jensen as the next Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. Photo: DFPO

Jacob Jensen (Liberal Party) has been appointed as the next Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

In Danish politics, this means that it will be a left-winger who is at the head of the fisheries sector in the new government, which consists of the Social Democrats, the Liberals and the Moderates.

For the Danish Fisheries Association this is a collaboration they are looking forward, especially since the new Minister has halted the introduction of a trawling ban in the Belt Sea, was was to be come into effect.

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“First of all, I would like to congratulate Jacob Jensen. I look forward to the collaboration, and I believe that together we can ensure an even more sustainable fishery that continues to contribute with climate-friendly and healthy food and important jobs in the outer areas,” says chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association.

In the government’s foundation, it can be read that a comprehensive vision for Danish fishing must be drawn up, which ensures sustainable fishing economically and environmentally. You are fully prepared to contribute to that vision in the fishing industry.

“I am very much looking forward to working with a unified vision for the fishing industry. We have wanted this for a long time, and we are completely ready for a good and close dialogue on how we can future-proof Danish fishing and deal with the challenges we face in the short and long term,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.


The trawl ban and the coastal fishing scheme

In the fishing industry, it is also noted that the government’s foundation states that the open coastal fishing regime will be extended, as well as that the ban on trawling in the Belt Sea will also be put on hold.

This is welcomed by the Danish Fisheries Association.

“It is really positive that the open coastal fishing regulations are being extended. This is the arrangement that most coastal fishermen enjoy and benefit from. It is therefore wise to continue the scheme. As far as the Belt Sea is concerned, we in the fishing industry would very much like to find a model that both ensures better protection and room for fishing in the future. We very much hope that the new minister will help ensure that,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

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Danish Fisheries Association welcomes Fisheries Minister Jacob Jensen

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