There is good news for fishermen fishing for cod and herring in the Baltic Sea as Minister of Fisheries Mogens Jensen is now opening a compensation scheme for fishermen affected by quota cuts, closing periods and the grey seals’ adverse impact on cod in the eastern Baltic.

The purpose of the scheme is to compensate fishermen fishing for cod in the eastern Baltic as well as cod and herring in the western Baltic in 2020 due to the reduced quotas and restrictions on fishing.

The Danish Fisheries Association is pleased that the Minister of Fisheries has created an opportunity to give the Baltic Sea fishermen partial compensation.

“The development of the Baltic Sea in recent years has unfortunately been tough on the Danish commercial fishermen. It is satisfactory that the Minister has understood the seriousness of the situation for cod and herring fishermen in the Baltic Sea. 

“The scheme gives a hand to the fishermen who have struggled to make ends meet in recent years. Now we must have ensured that as many fishermen can get as much out of the scheme as possible,” says Svend-Erik Andersen, chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association.

Big reductions

 The cod quotas in the western and eastern Baltic Sea have been reduced by 2020 respectively. 60 and 92 per cent compared to fishing opportunities in 2019. In addition, a closing period has been reintroduced where fishing is not allowed in the western Baltic.

The quota for herring in the western Baltic has also been sharply reduced in 2020. The quota has been reduced by 65 per cent compared to 2019.

Many vessels in the Baltic Sea do not have the opportunity to sail in other waters to fish. They are therefore forced to stay in the Baltic Sea and are struggling to make the economy come together. The possibility of receiving grants may just as well help fishermen choose to stay in the profession, rather than sell the vessel and go ashore.

“It means so much to the smaller ports in the Baltic Sea that fishermen still land their fish here. It is therefore important that the compensation scheme is screwed together so that it helps as many people as possible to stay in the profession. Many cod have been caught here in January in the western Baltic, so we hope that the quota situation looks better next year,” says Kim Kær Hansen, chair of the Baltic Sea Committee at the Danish Fisheries Association.

Source: Danish Fishermen PO

Danish Fisheries Association welcomes compensation for Baltic Sea fishers

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