The Danish Fisheries Association has hit out against the installation of REM on 15 fishing vessels

The Danish Fisheries Association has hit out at the Danish Fisheries Agency for the installation of remote electronic monitoring (REM) cameras onboard fifteen fishing vessels.

The Association called the selection of the fourteen non-voluntary vessels as “completely unreasonable.”

“The Minister’s camera project has no ground, and for the fishermen concerned, the future is now somewhat uncertain,” said the Association.

“They have received a so-called briefing from the Danish Fisheries Agency. It states that they must have camera surveillance installed, as Fisheries Minister Mogens Jensen has notified since the turn of the year,” writes the Association.

“It is completely unreasonable that the fifteen fishing vessels now receive an orientation letter. First, there is still no legal basis for installing cameras on these vessels, and secondly, authorities have now created huge uncertainty about the future of the fishermen concerned,” says Svend-Erik Andersen, chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association.

What are the vessel’s position as a result of the orientation letter? 

Does the camera or owner comply with the requirement? 

What happens if you sell your quotas in the Kattegat? 

What happens if you refuse to take a camera on board? 

What is the position if the camera requirement affects the value of the vessel? 

The questions are many says the Danish Fisheries Association in an open letter it encouraged its members to contact Fisheries Minister, Mogens Jensen, fisheries officials and local elected representatives directly to talk about their situation.

The orientation letter is sent without the legal basis for the camera project in place. There is a reference to an order that has not even been heard. The fishermen have ended up in a legal gray zone where they do not even have the opportunity to complain.

“It is most encouraging that the Danish Fisheries Agency launches a project, without any idea how to manage the camera surveillance and how to protect the basic rights of the fishermen. That’s why we come up with a legal report that hopefully can open the eyes of Danish politicians and make them recognize that video surveillance is completely out of proportion,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

Source: Danish Fisheries Association

Danish Fisheries Association hits out at REM on Members Boats

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